Virtual Council Meeting Agenda – July 22, 2020

by | Jul 20, 2020

Village of Columbus
Virtual Council Meeting Agenda
July 22, 2020 at 5:00 pm
Virtual Meeting
Columbus, NM 88029



Call to Order, Pledge and Salute: Mayor Salas to commence meeting (At this time please silence your cell phones and any other electronic devices)

2. Roll Call: Mayor Esequiel Salas

Mayor Pro-Tem & Trustee Roberto Gutierrez

Trustee Ricardo Gutierrez

Trustee Paulino Villegas

Trustee Bill Johnson

3. Approval of July 22, 2020 Agenda.

Motion and Vote


4. Approval of Regular Council Meeting Minutes for June 17, 2020

 Motion and Vote


5. Approval of finance report as presented by the accountants.

 Motion and Vote


6. Approval of 2020/2021 BUDGET as presented by the accountants.

 Motion and Vote


7. Approval of Resolution 2020-56 (2020/2021 Annual Budget Apotion) as presented by the accountants

Motion and Vote


8. Approval of Resolution 2020-57 FY20 Final Quarter Financial Report Year Ending June 30,, 2020

 Motion and Vote


9. Approval of Resolution 2020-58 budget adjustment for Village of Columbus Departments.

 Motion and Vote


10. Approval of Village of Columbus and Southern New Mexico Energy Consultants, LLC to enter into agreement for Energy Management and Consulting Services including leasing of the 155 acres located in the Columbus International Industrial Park (CIIP).      

 Motion and Vote 

11. Wilson & Company, Eric Hamilton, discussion – Broadway Avenue Construction update.

 Discussion only


12. Approval of Task Order 07162 Village of Columbus Waste Water Asset Management Plan as presented by Wilson and Co.

Motion and Vote


 13. Approval to Grandfather in RV’s that have concreted bases around the bottom of the skirting and have been in the Village for more than one year (as presented by Charley Powell, Codes Enforcer

Motion and Vote           


16. Public Comment; two minutes maximum per person.

17. Trustee Comments:

18. Mayor Comments:

19. Next regular meeting date: 8/19/2020 at 5:00 PM

20. Motion to adjourn: