October Horoscopes

by | Oct 8, 2021

This month we welcome new feature writer, Kris Seraphine-Oster!

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The Skies & Stars Report For October 2021

As of the first of this month we are experiencing 6 planets in retrograde, until 4 of these begin to move forward on October 6th.

October overall is the month of twists and turns … just when you thought you had everything figured out BAM! Everything changes! Something that you thought was dead in the water may actually come back to life. Anything that has been on hold since the end of April will begin to take forward motion.

Stay flexible and prepare for the unexpected.

Read the full retrograde report at the end of the horoscopes!

October Hor(r)oscopes

Enjoy these chilling forecasts with your favorite pumpkin-spiced anything around a roaring bonfire.

If you know your rising and moon signs, read for those, too, so you can get the whole picture of what October has in store for you. If you have no clue, you can run your own birth chart for free at Astro.com.


You are so HOT right now! With the Sun, Mercury and Mars gathering in your area of relationships, you are Dracula’s Mina Harker of the moment. Your name will be on everyone’s … fangs! Only give your most precious life blood and time to the worthy few who make your heart melt. And, beware the ghosts of Lovers past! You’ll never know who will show up to make amends or resolve issues, which is actually a good thing. Just don’t put your neck out for them–they may try to drain you dry.


Each year in October is your chance to totally change up your day-to-day routines, get healthier and stronger in mind, body and spirit. Although it might not seem to be the most exciting astrological time, don’t be tricked by appearances. With the Sun, Mars and retrograde Mercury hanging out in this area, you’ll need even more vigorous exercise than usual to blow off frustrations … or you could pull a destructive, take-down-the-prom Carrie style rampage and feel foolish afterwards. Get into nature as much as possible and tire yourself out with lots of hiking, walking, running or dancing.


Beautiful Magician, it’s time to use your conjuring powers (a la Sally Owens in Practical Magic) to manifest deeper pleasure and play in your life. Step 1: Gain clarity on exactly what pleasures you need by allowing yourself to PLAY. What did you enjoy doing as a child for a start? Step 2: Ask the Universe for MORE of that by creating a spell. Your words have always been your magic wand … write it down, shout it out or sing it into the ethers.


This will be the month to elevate your status from lonely Creature of The Black Lagoon to Enchanting Siren of the Stars. It’s finally safe to emerge from your shell–aka, your comfort zone. And, you will be irresistible. When the rest of the world is scrambling around trying to find their way in the dark, you’ll be there like a lighthouse with the exact words to soothe and guide. Let your song loose upon the world.


Kings, Queens and guillotines … whose head did you cut off in the past four months or so? Don’t be surprised when a Headless Horseman knocks on your door and asks you to pay the piper. When that happens, put on your regal cloak and humbly ask for forgiveness. And, that’s some scary stuff for a prideful lion/ess! To your defense, I know this was completely unintentional. Simply radiate that dazzling smile and all will be well in the world. Even if it’s the other way around, and you need to forgive a perpetrator, the advice still applies.


Remember how scary-controlling Martin was in the movie Sleeping With The Enemy? And how he had to have every can label facing the same direction? Stop trying to make every little thing perfect or obsessing when they’re not (like Martin); because the point is to get messy right now. Mercury in retrograde will make sure you and everyone else says and does the opposite of what is expected. Instead of freaking out and trying to put out every fire, just FLOW. The universe will align every can and towel. It will right every wrong without any effort, so you can begin moving forwards come October 18th when your ruling planet turns direct.


Celebrating you, lovely Libra! Happy birthday! I know things might be really chaotic and possibly even disappointing with trickster Mercury playing havoc in your sign until October 18th. (Well, his shadow period lasts until November 2nd, so ouch.) During this transit, stay your usual beautiful self, let go of expectations. Remember that you can still harmonize your relationships and surroundings by taking a cue from vixen Venus, the ruler of your sign: get help and delegate. Stop trying to do it all by your sweet self. You’ll be able to apply this lesson throughout the rest of 2021 and be all the better for it.


Feeling a little dull like Jack in The Shining? Since 2008 your home planet Pluto has been traversing the longest winter in history through the sign of Capricorn. You’ve been tested and transformed in ways that could make for a truly frightening horror film. Put down the ax and say goodbye to creepy twins and blood-soaked elevators because things are changing for the better. Your cabin-fevered soul can emerge into the light of day again, like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes. I bow to you in deep respect my friend–you’ve been to Hades and back.


This month, enter into Pan’s Labyrinth for deep healing of old childhood fears and wounds that have plagued you over and over in the past. These old skeletons in your closet are holding you back from truly soaring upwards in your career. If you’ve been wishing for Fame and/or Fortune, the key is to spiral into the center of YOU to vanquish the old monsters … or better yet, transform them into close friends.


Feeling like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde these days? You were born to reach the top of the mountain, so trust that you will. Don’t let your triggers get the best of you when people swerve in surprising directions. Breathe. Keep your cool. (I know you can!) When the dust settles you just may find that you stumbled onto the highest summit because you also took an unpredictable turn. When you let go of being “Old Reliable” you’ll surprise yourself and everyone else around you!


Has your life become a chapter from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein–Or The Modern Prometheus? With Saturn stomping around all over your free spirited ideas and putting a damper on your unbridled enthusiasm, you might be feeling as fun as a wet blankie. On October 10th, when Saturn finally stations direct after four scary months, light a fire under your very soggy bottom because it’s time to bring those electrifying plans back to life.


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water … not so fast. With your home planet Neptune in retrograde in your first house you may get caught up in a tidal wave of emotion and illusion when it comes to new love or business opportunities. Check the facts, remove the rose colored glasses and take all things even s-l-o-w-e-r than usual. Meditate, dip your toes in to test the (reality) temperature and jump headfirst later. Much later.

Retrograde Report

Uranus Retrograde

August 19th – January 18th 2022 in the sign of Taurus.

Themes: Initiative, Excitement, Adventure, Unexpected Blessings, Surprise Losses, Stock Volatility.

Neptune Retrograde

June 25th – December 1st in the sign of Pisces.

Themes: Spiritual Development, Imagination, Dreams, Increased Intuition, Creativity, Self-Deception, Excess, Escapism, Inebriation.

Jupiter Retrograde

June 20th – October 18th in the sign of Pisces and moves back into Aquarius.

Themes: Expansion, Success, Fortune, Growth, Overreaching, Over-Promising.

Saturn Retrograde

May 23rd – October 10th in the sign of Aquarius.

Themes: Karmic Balance, Past Life Loves & Relationships, Conformity, Law Breaking.

Pluto Retrograde

April 27th through October 6th in Capricorn

Themes: Issues of Power and Control, Personal Mastery, Reflection, Rest, Rejuvenation, Shadow Work.

Mercury Retrograde

September 27th through October 18th in Libra

Themes: Situations, Lovers and Friends Past Return, Communications Errors, Technology Breakdowns, Travel Snafus, Revise Your Visions.

New Moon in Libra on October 6th.

This month’s new moon aligns with Mars so be sure to have lots of physical activity to disperse the build-up of hot energy. Don’t lose your temper!

Focus on planting seeds for new relationships and harmonious connections in all areas of life.

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