by | Sep 27, 2022

Deming New Mexico. Just imagine buying a box of cereal at today’s prices with packaging stating up to 32 ounces of wholesome goodness…or a package of hamburger that is labeled up to 1lb. What about when you stand at the gas pump? The cost is $4.29 for up to one gallon! Consumers would protest and walk away. Yet we have been trained to accept the “up to” promise for our Internet and smart phone connections for years. Look at advertising, posts in your Facebook feed or on an Internet Service Provider (ISP) web page and you will see promises of “speeds up to” something consistently.

NO MORE! Luna County and their area partners are working to make that promise a thing of the past and inviting area residents to come to the County Commissioner Chambers or the Columbus Village Library for a fun and engaging Broadband Summit watch party and help kick off an effort to bring fast, reliable, and affordable internet to their residents. The event happens September 30 from 9am to Noon. Refreshments and an old fashioned, hands-on mind mapping effort will capture Luna County resident sentiments about their Internet connections. People are also encouraged to share how being stuck at home during the pandemic with slow or no Internet impacted their lives.

Each location will also award a door prize of a new tablet to one person that comes to share their home Internet speed, or simply their street address that offers no service.

Residents are encouraged to take the speed and quality of their Internet connection at home and work by going to Bring a screen shot of the results or write them down to bring. Residents that do not have internet and cannot attend can also call 575-567-3791 and leave a message with just their street address. No personal information will be saved or used for any reason other than to qualify the County for grant funds.