Letter from UK to the Village of Columbus

by | Apr 3, 2020

“We are with you, New Mexico! We have the coronavirus here in the UK, and in Europe generally. Its spread here over the past two weeks has been exponential. It’s been a veritable explosion of infection. As your President, Mr Trump, said the other night, and European death tolls over the past few weeks confirm, “this virus is incredibly infectious”.

You must stop bringing in people from other states and countries in order to flatten the curve and prevent your health resources from being overwhelmed. Do what is right, and do what is best for the health and safety of your people. We have dear friends in your state.

The US is leading in outbreaks of the virus worldwide and on the current trajectory will soon lead in deaths as well. Now is the time for everyone to act to minimize those deaths. Shutting down all non-essential work for a few weeks, minimizing interstate mobility and taking every opportunity to maximize social distancing are essential.

In the long run, this is by far the lesser evil. The more the virus is starved of opportunities to propagate, the quicker the battle is won.”

Andreas Kolbe
Founding Member of Wikipedia
Freelance Journalist for The Washington Post,
Newsweek, The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph (UK)