Columbus and County Celebrate National Day of Prayer

by | May 10, 2021

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For the last 8 years, Anne Marie Beck has coordinated with state and local agencies and clergy to organize National Day of Prayer celebrations.

“We started out with a small group and over the years it’s grown to around 100.”

This year’s celebration started with a small group of 4 in Columbus. They visited the library, Patio Café, post office and the school grounds before heading to the border. There they were joined by 15 US Customs and Border Control agents in prayers for government and military.

Later that evening, 13 clergy members and 78 laypersons gathered for the “8 Mountains” or focused prayers including: Family, Religion, Government, Business, Education, Arts and Entertainment, Media and Medical. “There are seven Mountains of Prayer but we’ve included Medical” said Beck, in regards to the current Corona Virus pandemic.

New Mexico State Representative Candy Sweetzer delivered the proclamation and clergy from different faiths offered up prayers.

The National Day of Prayer was established in 1952 by President Truman and happens on the first Thursday in May. The next National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 5, 2022.