2k masks donated to Columbus Elementary

by | Jan 21, 2022

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As Covid continues to wreak havoc on learning nationwide, local schools do their best to stay in session. Colores United just made it a little easier by donating high-quality masks to Columbus Elementary school students, staff and families.

“We received a generous donation back in November 2021 to distribute throughout the community,” said Ariana Saludares, co-founder and director of Colores United. “We’ve been distributing as fast as we can to as many people as we can, but it really takes a village to make it all happen. And, in this case, that village was Columbus!”

Several cases of masks were donated to the Village of Columbus library and residents were encouraged to take home a dozen or so at a time. That prompted Maggie Calderon, an employee of both the library and the school, to ask for a direct donation for the kids just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Since then, 20+ boxes have been donated to the tune of over 2000 masks. 

“These masks are expensive, and a lot of people can’t afford to keep buying them,” said Maggie. “This helps keep everyone safe both at school and back home.”

Colores will continue to include Columbus in it’s social services. Said Saludares, “We want Columbus to know they are part of the Colores Familia and all our services are available to them. Sometimes we just need a little help getting them there.”

Colores United has a full set of programs that promote overall wellness of mind, body and soul for anyone who lives in or passes through Luna County. For a full list of service, follow Colores on Facebook or visit their website.