Kids learning business in an ap-peal-ing way!

by | Apr 1, 2022

On May 21, 2022, the Deming-Luna County Chamber of Commerce launches their first Lemonade Day, teaching kids how to build, launch and run a small business. “This is a very exciting event for Luna County! Thanks to numerous sponsors, mentors and volunteers we hope to see 300-lemonade stand businesses throughout the county on May 21st.” said Debbie Troyer, Executive Director of the Chamber.

Lemonade Day is a national entrepreneurial and experiential program for kids from kindergarten through 5th grade. Children will earn their own money, learn valuable skills that equip them for life, and contribute to a cause that matters to them.

“Our Lemonade Day program prepares youth for life by instilling in them an entrepreneurial mindset. As we recover and rebuild from the COVID-19 crisis, kids and adults alike are craving community, collaboration, and connection,” said Nicole Cassier-Mason, chief executive officer of Lemonade Day. “Our program teaches kids business and financial skills, builds character, and exposes them to career pathways – which plants the seed of innovation that leads to lasting change. Lemonade Day leaders, sponsors, and community partners are encouraging parents, teachers, family members, friends, and neighbors to register individual children or groups of children to participate in our free program.”

The chamber is planning for up to 300 children to participate in this first annual event. Deming youth entrepreneurs will join 50,000 other kids across the nation in launching a business, many for the first time. “Aside from contests and prizes, children have an opportunity to be creative, make money, possibly win a bike and fly to Houston Texas to compete in the national competition!” said Troyer.

The chamber is seeking sponsors and their swag donations to fill out backpacks that will be issued to participants. “Mentors are a must and volunteers are appreciated, but the greatest thing you can do on May 21 is to get out there and buy lemonade in support of a youth entrepreneur! There is a map on the website that will show registered locations as they are obtained,” said Troyer. “There’s nothing like the joy of succeeding at your first business venture.”

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