PSA: Safety Drills and Exercise Planning

by | Aug 15, 2023

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Deming Public Schools would like to remind the community that safety drills are a key component of keeping  our students and staff safe. Safety drills provide schools, district, and stakeholders across the community with  the opportunity to assess and validate capabilities, shape planning, and address areas for improvement. Through  the practice of drills, schools take corrective actions needed to maintain safety readiness. 

During the first four weeks of school, several safety drills will be conducted at each school site with additional  practice occurring in the spring semester. Drills will include the following: fire, evacuation, active shooter,  shelter in place, and lockdown. Per NM State law, each school site must conduct a minimum of 17 drills, 11 of  which must be fire drills. More drills may happen at a school site if administration determines more safety  practice is needed.  

In an event of a safety drill, first responders and local law enforcement may be involved to assist the school in  planning and assessing preparedness. When drills occur, all stakeholders will act as if it is not a drill. This  assists all stakeholders in maintaining safety readiness.  

Parents and guardians will only be informed of a shelter in place, lockdown, and/or evacuation if there is a  threat to the school population. Parents and guardians will be informed through our student information system, Infinite Campus, by either an email, text, and/or phone call. As a courtesy, the district will also inform local  media and post this information on our website and social media pages.  

The district strongly encourages parents and guardians to check that your information is correct in Infinite  Campus and that you have not blocked emails from the district and/or the district phone number.  

If you have any questions about the districts safety procedures please contact your school site or the district at  (575) 546-8841. 

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