Beautify Columbus Tackles Trash

by | Apr 6, 2021

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Before and after of bushes by Holy Family Parish on Jesus Carreon Street

Local Volunteers Pick Up Where DOT Left Off

Since November a dedicated and growing group of locals has picked up trash along roads, in public areas and private lots near high visibility areas. Started by Ravelle Flores and Denise Robertson as a way to beautify their own neighborhood, it’s grown to include areas in downtown, along Altura, around the cemetery and by the border.

Normally, the Department of Transportation clears trash on Highway 11 twice a year. However, due to COVID-19, the program is indefinitely suspended. That meant that trash was piling up on the roadways, creating an eyesore and an image problem for Columbus.

Beautify Columbus became a social outlet for people tired of staying in. Each Sunday a new location is chosen. Participants arrive with a bucket and a mask and are provided with a vest and trash picker. Larger trash bins are set at opposite ends of the weekly location for easy dumping. Aluminum cans are separated and delivered to the American Legion for recycling.

Interested in joining? Locations will be posted each Saturday on CNM News, join the Facebook group for more information or contact the paper directly to be added to the text message.

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